Conditions for Star Formation in Nearby AGN and QSO Hosts

  • Our Team

  • Prof. Andreas Eckart
    (PI, PH1)
  • PD Dr. Silke Britzen (PI, MPIfR)
  • Prof. Anton Zensus (MPIfR)
  • Gerold Busch (PH1)
  • Nastaran Fazeli (PH1)
  • S. Elaheh Hosseini (PH1/MPIfR)
  • Marzieh Parsa (PH1/MPIfR)
  • Dr. Nadeen Sabha (PH1)
  • Dr. Banafsheh Shahzamanian (PH1)
  • Dr. Christian Straubmeier (PH1)
  • Dr. Monica Valencia-Schneider (PH1)
  • Dr. Gunther Witzel (UCLA)
  • Michal Zajacek (MPIfR/PH1)

​A short overview

This project aims at understanding the conditions for star formation in active galaxies and the interplay between the AGN nucleus, and the hosts of intermediate redshift (z < 0.1) systems to bridge the gap towards marginally resolved high redshift AGN hosts. At z < 0.1 the frequency of more powerful AGN is higher than locally but at the same time the sub-kpc resolution (down to a few 10 pc) allows us to clearly resolve dynamical patterns and nuclear structures that determine the conditions for star formation. We use results from Milky Way and local galaxies and supply results that are needed to understand higher redshift hosts.

So far, successful work has been done on all subtopics of A2. The distribution and kinematics of molecular gas and star formation in Nuclei of Galaxies (NUGA) could be studied on the basis of new high-resolution data. Nearby QSO spectra in the Infrared together with imaging data has revealed the interplay between nuclear star formation and the non-thermal nucleus. Jet induced star formation was studied in one CenA field and an X-shaped radio galaxy. Furthermore, chemistry and excitation aspects of a few NUGA sources were observed with the HIFI instrument onboard the Herschel space telescope, complementing Plateau de Bure Interferometer-, Near-Infrared-, and Radio data.

Project A2 closely interacts with A1 on high-z QSOs, A3 especially on excitation properties of local galaxies, C1 on excitation of the ISM, and dynamics of astrophysical disks. The properties of evolving galaxies in spiral rich clusters and the distribution of star formation and star formation efficiencies within such systems can be compared to the quantities predicted for the early formation of stars and galaxies in C4. Project A2 provides observational input and is supported (by B1, B2, B3) in the analysis of chemical networks links to non-thermal activities in AGN. The larger scale Galactic Center information provided by project A5 in part serves as a template for the LLAGN hosts. Massive stars as A2 traces them through radio continuum radiation and IR detected HII regions as well as through diagnostic NIR line ratios rely on data from project A6. Here project A2 also relies on diagnostic tools provided for PDR and Shocks by C1 and C2.

Selected Publications

In 2018
Mossoux, Enmanuelle; Eckart, Andreas; The X-ray footprint of the circumnuclear disc; 2018, MNRAS 474, 3787;

Eckart, A.; Parsa, M.; Mossoux, E.; Shahzamanian, B.; Zajacek, M.; Hosseini, E.; Subroweit, M.; Peissker, F.; Sabha, N.; Valencia-S., M.; and 4 coauthors; Light and shadow in the Galactic Center - On the detection of the relativistic periastron shift of star S2 in the Galactic Center; 2018 arXiv180601096E

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In 2017
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In 2016
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In 2015
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