Understanding Deuterium Fractionation

  • Our Team

  • Dr. Oskar Asvany (PI, PH1)
  • Thomas Salomon (PH1)
  • Philip Schreier (PH1)
  • Matthias Töpfer (PH1)
  • Former members
  • Alexander Stoffels (PH1)
  • Sven Fanghänel (PH1)
  • Lars Kluge (PH1)
  • Sabrina Gärtner (PH1)

A short overview

Project B2 deals with the laboratory investigation of small molecular cations of astrochemical interest using cryogenic ion trapping machines. Building on the novel action spectroscopic methods developed in the last funding periods, one focus is the infrared and (sub)mm-wave spectroscopy of deuterated cations whose spectral fingerprints are not or insufficiently known. As the rotational spectroscopy of the primary deuterated ions (those created by gas-phase exchange collisions of H3+, CH3+ or C2H2+ with HD molecules) has been completed successfully, the project turns its attention to secondary deuterated ions. This spectroscopic knowledge is important for the interpretation of the deuterium fractionation observed during and after the initial cold phases of star formation. Additionally, small fundamental cations containing only hydrogen and helium (e.g. H2He+) will be investigated. 

Understanding deuterium chemistry is a central tool in understanding the different phases of star formation. Therefore project B2 is right at the center topic of the SFB. The results of project B2 are of relevance for the other laboratory astrophysics project B3, since deuteration and understanding the formation of large carbon containing molecules are strongly related. Project A6 uses observations of the molecular deuteration as an important tool to study the earliest, cold phases of star formation and characterizes the physical and chemical conditions of the star forming clumps. In particular, the deuteration of the coldest objects is probed using H2D+ lines studied in this project. Furthermore, the results of the kinetics unraveled in project B2 are of importance for the chemical modeling in project C3.

Selected Publications

In 2018
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In 2017
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In 2016
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In 2015
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In 2014
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In 2013
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In 2012
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In 2010
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In 2008
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