Structure of the CRC 956 and interaction between the groups and projects


We have placed project area A in the center as it directly covers the core scientific topic of star formation. Project areas B, C, and D are positions in a circle around A, illustrating their close interaction.

The interactions between the project areas, marked by broad arrows, always go in a two-way fashion, documented by the numerous common publications of their members within the CRC. The CRC956 is embedded in the larger scale research infrastructures, which are supported by separated funding (other national or bi-national Research Groups, e.g. GENESIS; Verbundforschung for the ESO-related instrumentation projects). This embedding infrastructure includes database tools such as the Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy (CDMS), the development of software tools within the ALMA Regional Centers, or the Graduate Schools in which the Cologne and Bonn students participate (IMPRS, BCGS).