Digital Electronics, Digital Signal Processing

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  • Prof. B. Klein (PI, MPIfR)

A short overview

The new project D4 "Digital Signal Processing" (DSP) will be applied for the first time in the third funding period of the CRC. D4 supports the projects D2 and S (Fast Fourier Transform Spectrometer back-ends for the CHAI receiver), D3 (digital readout system for MKID detectors) as well as the projects B3 and B4 (laboratory astrophysics) in the field of digital signal processing.

Project D4 – as an engineering development project for the CRC – will focus on the implementation of new opportunities that become available with the recent progress in fast digital signal processing. It exploits the new possibilities of this technology towards innovative methods in the laboratory astro- physics through time resolved high resolution spectroscopy, as well as allowing to realize the excessive requests for spectrometer capacity by the large format heterodyne array receivers such as CHAI for the CCAT-prime telescope and future SOFIA instrumentation within the limited power, mass and volume budget at observatories.