The Interstellar Medium and Star Formation in the Galactic Center

  • Our Team

  • Prof. Karl Menten (PI, MPIfR)
  • Dr. Robert Simon (PI, PH1)
  • Dr. Denise Riquelme (MPIfR)
  • Dr. Christian Henkel (MPIfR)
  • Dr. Pablo Garcia (CASSACA, Chile)
  • Dr. Rolf Güsten (MPIfR)
  • Dr. Ronan Higgins (PH1)
  • Prof. Jürgen Stutzki (PH1)
  • Dr. Helmut Wiesemeyer (MPIfR)
  • Arshia Maria Jacob (MPIfR)
  • Martin Steinke (PH1)

A short overview

The goal of project A5 is to investigate the star formation conditions as well as the impact and feedback of star formation on the interstellar medium (ISM) in the extreme environment of the Galactic Center molecular clouds. The project characterizes the physical and chemical properties of these clouds from several degree scales, including the Central Molecular Zone, to small scales of objects such as the „mini-starburst“ Sgr B2 and the central nuclear disk. As diagnostics, bright ISM cooling lines and transitions from selected chemical species are observed and physical and chemical models are used to constrain the conditions in the Galactic Center clouds.

Being the closest central region of a galaxy we can observe and due to the high degree of star formation activity in the recent past and its chemical richness, the Galactic Center is a unique test case for star formation conditions in galactic nuclei. Observations within project A5 comprise large scale mapping of the bright ISM cooling lines, together with extensive mapping in a selected set of spectral lines within the Central Molecular Zone, and detailed investigations of special regions, such as Sgr B2 and Sgr A* or the Giant Molecular Loops. Based on these observations, the kinetic temperature of a large part of the Galactic Center could already be determined, as well as the spatial distribution of various chemical species. The Galactic Center and its Central Molecular Zone will be a dedicated target for large scale heterodyne mapping with the CHAI receiver on CCAT-prime in the near future.

Project A5 has substantial overlap with the Galactic and extragalactic astronomical projects A1, A2, and in particular with A3, A4, and A6 as the Galactic Center constitutes the link between Galactic clouds and extra-galactic nuclei. There is considerable overlap with B3 and B2 for dense, quiescent clouds of the region, and the detailed line surveys require the use of spectroscopic databases as developed by the Cologne laboratory astrophysics. The analysis and interpretation of the observations rely on the modeling efforts in C1, C3, C5, and the new project C6 (large scale UV impact in PDRs and shocks (e.g., winds and cloud-cloud collisions), comparison to simulations and observations of simulated clouds). The strong demands imposed by spectroscopic observations towards the Galactic Center immediately result in requirements for instrumentation, as developed in project groups D and service project S.

Selected Publications

In 2018
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In 2017
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In 2016
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In 2015
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In 2014

In 2013
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In 2012
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