Family Support

Day care for children at the University of Cologne
One of the most pressing problems for scientists who wish to pursue a career in science is having access to affordable and reliable day care for their children. Information and advice for male and female staff with children, or those who are about to become parents, is available from the Dual Career & Family Support at the University of Cologne .

Since fall 2011 day care for children −of male and female staff at the University of Cologne− is offered by the day care center ‘Paramecium’ . In addition to full-day care for children older than six months, the day care center has opening times that are adjusted to those of the University, including school holiday cover and back-up places for the short-term care of children.

UzK fonds supporting those who care for family members.

The International Office at the University of Cologne also provides information on day care (German) and  benefits for families (German).

Day care at the city of Cologne
List of day care centers  (German)
Day care fees (German)

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Care of the elderly
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